NE SSP - 'Trip to Tokyo' Summer Challenge

Introduction to NE SSP ‘Trip to Tokyo - Olympic Games 2021’

At this time when foreign travel is banned for us, Norwich East SSP are off on a ‘Trip to Tokyo’!


Don’t worry, we are not being deliberately lawless, it’s a virtual trip which is not only cultural, but also very active, and hopefully fun too.

We’ve decided to ‘do our bit’ in support of the forthcoming Summer 2021 Olympic & Paralympic Games (also known as the XXXII Olympiad).

We want to demonstrate that Norwich East SSP schools can take on a challenge, and be winners in our own right, while upholding the Olympic Games Values, in line with own School Games values.

The plan is to ‘travel from Norwich to Tokyo’ by land, learning about some countries, towns & cities ‘en route’, and picking up some facts about the Olympic Games, on the way. 

The distance from Norwich to Tokyo is approximately 8,000 miles!

  1. Each stage is broken down into 16 stages of approximately 500 miles, and the challenge is for schools to engage their pupils (& teachers, if they wish) in contributing miles at each stage, ie 8 x 500 miles, the equivalent of the full journey of 8.000 miles!  

The miles can be covered on foot, on bikes, in wheelchairs, on skates, on scooters or even on skateboards!

Your school will have a passport which can be ‘stamped’ at each destination, where you will also learn some facts about the town, city or country you are in, along with some Olympic facts pertaining to that area.

How can your pupils participate in this challenge?

This Challenge is open to all Primary & Secondary schools in our Norwich East SSP

There are 3 options & schools can choose any of the following Challenge formats in which to participate (you may decide to differentiate the offer to suit your pupil’s needs..

Option A – Participants are ‘tasked’ with logging ‘miles covered’ by each pupil and collating them with the aim of covering the total 8,000 miles (eg. 10 mile walk with family)

Option B - Mark out a course in your playground or field. This can be any distance to suit your pupils. Each lap counts as an ‘Olympic mile’ and contributes towards the total.

Option C – Pupils should substitute completing 500 miles to complete each stage by performing 500 tasks. For example 500 skips, shooting 500 Basketball/Netball/Football goals,

Swimming 500 lengths of the swimming pool etc.

Regardless of which Challenge/s your school chooses every single Mile/Equivalent ‘Mile’/ Goal/Skips etc will count towards your whole school total.

Each class can keep a ‘tally’ of each pupil’s contribution towards the total journey, whether you are doing it as a class, or as a year group, or as a whole school.

Each pupil can also have a ‘passport’ to log their own miles.

Every pupil should be encouraged to make their own contribution, no matter how small.


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NE SSP - 'Trip to Tokyo' Summer Challenge

Introduction to NE SSP ‘Trip to Tokyo - Olympic Games 2021’ At this time when foreign travel is banned for us, Norwich East SSP are off on a ‘Trip to Tokyo’!

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