NE SSP Yr 5/6 Mixed Cricket Comp. (postponed)Close Window

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Each team comprises of 8 players. 

Squads are limited to 10 players.

The two teams toss a coin to decide which team has the choice of either batting or fielding first.

Each game shall consist of one innings per team, each innings will be 8 overs long.

The batting side shall be divided into pairs, each pair batting for 2 overs.

At the end of the first 2 overs, the first pair of batters retires and is replaced by the second pair this is then repeated until all 4 pairs have batted for 2 overs each.

Each team starts batting with a score of 200 runs. When a batsman is dismissed, 5 runs are removed from the team total.

cricket dismissals apply except there are no LBW’s. Each player on the fielding side must bowl 1 over.

Bowling should be over arm where possible at level 2 and mandatory at level 3.

The team with the higher score wins. 

In the event of a tie the team taking more wickets will be the winner. 

If it is still equal, each player bowls 1 ball at the wickets (no batter), with the team scoring the higher number of strikes the winner.

The competition will be a round robin format with the top half placing teams competing in a cup competition and the others competing for a plate.  

Good sportsmanship is expected from all participants, staff and spectators