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Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


NE SSP - Tag Rugby Years 5 & 6 - Interschool Festival and Competition (not a qualifying event)

Squads of 12 for the competition.

8 players will start every game, with a minimum of 2 of each gender in the starting line up. Fixtures will be centrally timed but when the hooter sounds play will continue until the first dead ball.


- Free Pass– Starts the game, at the beginning of a half and to restart the match after a try.

- Scoring a Try –The object of the game is to score a try by placing the ball downwards on or behind the opponent’s goal line with two hands. 

- Diving over the line for a try is not permitted; players must stay on their feet to score a try.

- Passing the Ball – The ball can be passed only sideways or backwards through the air, not handed to another player.

- Ball carriers must hold the ball in both hands at all times.

- When the player has been tagged, the ball must be passed to a team mate within 3 seconds (or within 3 strides), however players are allowed one step to score after being tagged. Throwing tags to the grounds will be penalised.

- Turn-over Ball – The 6-tag rule will apply, after the 6th tag the ball will be turned over.

- Offside – will be called.

- Advantage – Referees will allow advantage to the non-offending team if there is a chance that they may gain a tactical or territorial advantage.

- Kicking – There is no kicking of the ball in Tag Rugby