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Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


Schools should arrive by 10.30 to register and warm up.

THE 1st Race (Yr 3 Girls) will start at 11.00 - and all races will follow on immediately after the finish of the previous race.  It is the responsibility of each competitor to take their place for a warm up as each race in front starts.

Years 3,4,5 & 6  - schools can enter teams of up to 3 Girls & 3 Boys per year group (competitors must run in their own year group, without esception.


Year 3 Girls - approximately 1000 metres

Year 3 Boys- approximately 1000 metres

Year 4 Girls - approximately 1200 metres

Year 4 Boys - approximately 1200 metres

Year 5 Girls - approximately 1600 metres

Year 5 Boys - approximately 1600 metres 

Year 6 Girls - approximately 1600 metres

Year 6 Boys - approximately 1600 metres

This is a qualifying event for the Norfolk School Games Final on 6th March 2019

The 1st 10 boys and the first 10 girls in each race will represent Norwich East School Sport Partnership at the Norfolk School Games Final.