Norwich East SSP Sportshall Athletics Year 3 & 4Close Window

Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


This is a qualifying event for the  Norfolk School Games.

Events included :-


1+1 Lap Relay

2+ 2 Lap Relay

1+1 Lap Hurdles Relay

Each requiring    2G and 2B


Obstacle relay

Over/Under Relay

4x1 Lap Relay

Each requiring 4G and 4B


Chest Push

Five Strides

Soft Javelin

Speed Bounce

Standing Long Jump

Vertical Jump

Each Event requiring 3G and 3B


Schools are invited to bring 1 squad of 20 Year 3/4 children - 10 boys + 10 girls

Please bring 2 completed teamsheets (1 for the organisers of the event and 1 for yourselves) - click on resource - below - for these.